Sorry Tuff Juice, You're Not an All-Star

Someone leading team to wins deserves nod

Caron Butler is an NBA All-Star caliber player, he just doesn't deserve to be on the team this year. And him campaigning for a spot leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

After Tuesday's loss against the Suns, Caron Butler expressed to the Washington Post and the Washington Times that he hoped to be an All-Star -- that his numbers were deserving of nomination.

But the problem isn't his numbers, it's that he even made mention of an appearance in the first place.

Not to say that players on bad teams should never get an invite. And to Butler's credit, he did provide the disclaimer, "If you're going to reward from a team standpoint, I'll fall back and watch it on television from Disney World or something."

However, a player on a 9-35 team, which is officially the worst record in the NBA for the time being, openly politicking for personal achievement reeks of misplaced intentions ... especially when the Wizards are being compared to the Washington Generals.

Butler will hopefully remain DC's All-Star for his character and work in the community, in addition to his on-court play, for years to come.

But in terms of this year's NBA All-Star Game, he should just sit back, take his lumps, and ignore all numbers ... except the one that keeps climbing in the loss column.

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