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Social Media Reacts to Final Drive of Cowboys-49ers

Dallas came up short of an epic comeback, letting the clock expire without a final shot at the end zone. Twitter had plenty to say about the blunder

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The Dallas Cowboys ended their season in epic fashion – nearly mounting a remarkable 16-point, fourth quarter comeback against the 49ers, only the botch the final drive and not even get a chance at a hail mary toss with time expiring.

Emotions were high at AT&T Stadium and the unceremonious ending caused lots of chatter around the sports world.

Those on social media were not shy about sharing their thoughts on the game.

For some, this outcome felt all-too-familiar. Despite being tied with the 49ers for the second-most Super Bowl Championships behind the Patriots and Steelers, the Cowboys haven’t made an NFC Championship since 1995 when they won the whole league.

Others were left with general confusion…

… and a more passionate take on what should’ve happened.

Twitter couldn’t help but giddily anticipate the return of some of their favorite commentators come Monday.

Speaking of longtime Cowboys fan Skip Bayless, he had plenty of blame to hand out.

He wasn’t alone in his questioning about the ref’s handling of the final play. In the final seconds, the ref ran into the huddle of Cowboys’ offensive players.

Blaming the ref didn't sit right with everyone though.

Still others couldn't help but question what this means for Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. Yesterday, it was reported that head coach Mike McCarthy was on the chopping block, pending the outcome of the wild card matchup.

Jones’ supposed hand-picked successor, Kellen Moore, didn’t come out unscathed either.

Within minutes of the game ending, Cowboys’ defensive tackle Neville Gallimore took to twitter, asking all “hate and slander” be directed at him, not his family. Gallimore recorded three tackles and one crucial penalty for illegal use of hands in the fourth quarter that gave the 49ers a first down

Fans in AT&T Stadium were also shown throwing things and heckling their team.

Twitter was quick to come to Gallimore’s defense, pointing out that it’s a team effort and no single player is responsible for the outcome of the game.

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