Sochi’s Warm, But That Doesn’t Keep Fur Coats Away


These may be the Winter Games, but with 70-degree weather here in Sochi, it's been feeling more like the Spring Games (yes, we know those don't really exist).

Everyone is eating outdoors, and there are few jackets to be seen. Hey, some people are even in sandals.

Of course, others -- like me! -- never thought to pack for these spring-like temps, and on my first day I was stuck sweltering in long johns.

But still, that's nothing though compared to a hostess at our restaurant the other day. She was wearing a black mink coat. Yes, really.

OK, so it is February in Russia, and usually "February in Russia" doesn't call to mind sandals and sunscreen. I guess some Russians just love their fur no matter how warm it gets.

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