Snyder Steals Your Bags

Leave your anti-Snyder signs home, too

WASHINGTON -- What's a man gotta do to bring a lunch in this place?  That's what Skins fans are asking themselves after yesterday's game and the team's new-found banning of everyone's favorite form of lunch tote, the brown paper bag.

Posters to, the team's quasi-official message board, claim that Danny Boy's minions were confiscating paper sacks at the gates.

On the radio, the Sports Junkies had been pushing fans to bring paper bags to Sunday's game to wear on their head to register disgust with the team's ownership and the general state of the team.  Apparently, anyone who took them up on their suggestion didn't know about the team's bag policy, which can be found on

"Please be aware that the following items are prohibited inside FedExField:  Bags, including: backpacks, gym bags, duffel bags, packages, briefcases, large purses, etc."

A few fans were able to sneak their brown paper contraband into the stadium and began wearing their signs in the second quarter, with the team playing as poorly as they ever have.  Stadium security reportedly swarmed, demanding the fans take their bags off.

While it does not state it on the team's Stadium Guide, a Redskins spokesman said masks of any kind can't be worn inside FedEx Field.

"Stadium policy is not to allow masks or bags for security reasons in case of an incident," the Skins' rep said.

Bags weren't the only things confiscated.  Rumors had it Snyder had his staff take down any signs they saw -- especially if they involved your hatred for the team's owner.

But once again, the Redskins point to the Stadium Guide for answers:

"Banners are permitted at FedExField; however, guests may not display banners that advertise or mention products or services. Banners may not cover existing FedExField equipment or signage. Signs may not be made with metal or wood. Management reserves the right to remove any sign, including those deemed to be obscene, inappropriate or which obstructs the view of other guests. For the safety of all guests, banner poles are not permitted."

So if your banner (or bag) had an ad for a local sports radio station on it, it was as good as gone.

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