Slapshot Rocks The Red(Der)

At the Caps game the other night, we noticed that mascot Slapshot looked a little, well ... different.

We couldn't put our finger on it, so we asked him what was up.

"I turned red for the playoffs!" he explained.

Slapshot is, quite literally, Rocking the Red. The usually white-feathered mascot is sporting a lot more red these days, both on top of his head and on wings.  And we believe we even saw some red, white and blue coloring on his, ahem, tail feathers.

While he looks a bit like a beefed-up Cardinal, he assures us he is still as tough as ever.

In case there was any doubt, Slapshot proved his point with the help of some Ozzy.

What do you think of Slapshot's Playoff Red?

 video via Slapshot's Facebook page.

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