SI Jinx? What? Where?

Campbell graces Sports Illustrated cover

There goes the Super Bowl.

Sports Illustrated tapped Jason Campbell for the cover of its latest issue, effectively ending the Redskins' chances of winning the Super Bowl by putting the SI Jinx on the team.

The latest issue offers up the magazine's NFL fantasy draft guide, with the big headline of "Pressure Points and Pivotal Players." No harm done, right? But underneath the leaping and throwing Campbell in smaller type is the following sentence: "Jason Campbell must step up or step aside for the Redskins."

Well, it's official. All eyes are now on Jason Campbell. So before Michael Vick heads to town, Campbell has a thing or two to prove. No. 1: That he can run an efficient offense. No. 2: That he can lead his team to the playoffs. No. 3: That he can do Nos. 1 and 2 -- now.

There's no link to the actual SI article online yet, but one of our latest Twitter followers, Dan Steinberg, did steal a quote from it:

"I am fine now, but there were a couple of times in the off-season I felt like a piece of tissue they were flushing down the toilet."


Well, best of luck Jason, but watch out. The leash is going to be short this season. And we all know what a certain unemployed quarterback does with leashes...

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