Sept. 2 Return for Strasburg?

Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson speculated on a return date for pitcher Stephen Strasburg Wednesday, reported.

Johnson said he hadn’t talked to general manager Mike Rizzo about it, but he offered Sept. 2 as a possible date.

From MASN:

There are a few circumstances that make that date a little hard to fathom. First, the Nationals have been trying to tie Strasburg's starts to Jordan Zimmermann's, so Strasburg can enter the rotation when Zimmermann hits his limit of roughly 160 innings. But Zimmermann was bumped back a day because of the Nationals' rainout in Philadelphia on Sunday, and the team's off-day on August 29 means a Sept. 2 return would put Strasburg a day ahead of Zimmermann's slot.

It's also hard to see Strasburg returning to the majors before the end of the minor league season on Sept. 5, which is why Sept. 6 still seems like a more plausible option; it would keep Strasburg on a regular rest schedule, and the Nationals would have time to make the necessary adjustments to their rotation.

Strasburg was scheduled to make his third rehab start Wednesday.

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