Sav Rocca Stranded, Shanahan Has Plan

The Redskins signed Australian punter Sav Rocca last week. Unfortunately the big guy with the big leg is stranded back home.

The U.S. government has yet to approve Rocca’s work visa, and Mike Shanahan is more than a little worried.

In talking to reporters, Shanahan had a good, if not slightly illegal, idea to get Rocca to practice a little sooner.

"He's got a job here in the U.S.," Shanahan told reporters. "Eventually they'll let him go or, at least, I'm hoping they let him go. If not, I told him to get married to an American and that'll make it easier."

Something tells us that Rocca’s wife, Rose, might find a fatal flaw in that plan.

The team is without a punter until the visa situation is worked out, and Shanahan is hoping that somebody, anybody, knows some people in high places.

"If you know anybody in the visa department that can help us, I'd really appreciate it,” he said. “If anybody has any connections, we need some help right now."

It takes a big man to admit when he needs help.

If you’re wondering what the fuss over Rocca is all about, watch this. When the opposing team’s punt returner has only the kicker to beat, you want this guy in between the runner and the goal line.

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