San Diego Columnist Suggests Robert Griffin Should Be Shut Down Like Stephen Strasburg

The hot topic surrounding the Washington Redskins last week was the amount of hits that Robert Griffin III had taken through his first three NFL games and what the team could do to prevent them (you know, other than giving him the protection of a competent offensive line).

San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Tom Krasovic came up with an ingenious solution Saturday, one that is so original, it's no surprise that nobody has ever thought about using it in any sport.

According to Krasovic, the Redskins should put some sort of "limit" on the amount of hits that Griffin takes during the season and once he reaches that "limit," he should be shut down. 

Wait, where have I heard that before? Oh. Right.

Yes, Krasovic believes that RGIII should be shut down à la Stephen Strasburg. His thoughts:

For his own good, give RGIII something like the Strasburg treatment.

Tell no outsiders the plan, but prepare to withhold the rookie from a game or two later in the season, once the accumulated hits lessen his footspeed and reaction times. Let someone else be the pinata quarterback for four or eight quarters, if it means making Griffin close to whole again.

Apparently, Washington is becoming the nation's capital of unprecedented shutdowns. Well, if you exclude snow days and the threat of federal budget-related closures. 

Anyway, Griffin took a couple of poundings Sunday -- but considerably fewer than he did last week against the Cincinnati Bengals -- in Washington's 24-22 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most notably when Mark Barron drove him into the ground with a spinebuster-esque hit that resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty early in the second quarter (his near decapitation and subsequent fumble in the first quarter led to a Pierre Garcon recovery for a touchdown). 

For the sake of my own sanity, I'd rather not go through this again, so Mr. Krasovic, I appreciate the effort, but on behalf of Washington, D.C., I politely ask you and your cuckoo bananas idea to stay as far away from here as possible. 

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