Russini in Richmond: RG3 Looks Good, Wins Praise

Hi Guys!

I cannot imagine how difficult it was for the players to wake up this morning. It was cool, rainy, and early -- the perfect sleeping weather!

Oh yeah, they also were in pads yesterday for the first time so their bodies are sore.

Coach Jay Gruden told me he expected the guys to look tired maybe even a little beat up but he thought they came out hungry to play. Coach says he wants all these practices to have 3 themes and that’s physicality, full speed action, and high pressure on this offense.

RG3 looked the best he has today as did Kirk Cousins especially on a play where DeSean Jackson met 2nd year corner David Amerson. Cousins dropped back and threw deep and high -- and found DJax.

The play pumped up everyone -- even the new Redskins receiver.

  • DeSean Jackson praised RG3 for his accountability. Robert appreciates his teammates standing by their quarterback.
  • Pierre Garcon gave me the best answer when I asked him if he was sore. "I'm use to it, I'm one giving out the physiciality.
  • Andre Roberts pointed out that many players that you wouldn't think are that good start showing their skills now that the pads are on. "Lot of people are good at flag football when you don't have pads on, its more physical with pads."
  • The Redskins have canceled Monday's second session practice.
  • The best news? No major injuries.

See you on TV at 6 and 11 on NBC4.

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