Roger Goodell on Redskins Name: “I Don't Think Anybody Wants to Offend Anybody”

As part of the Super Bowl festivities down in New Orleans, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference, which is far less exciting than stumbling down Bourbon Street or going to the Playboy Party with Zac Efron, but important nonetheless.

During Goodell's presser, The Washington Post's Mike Wise asked the commissioner about his thoughts on the Redskins name, which has been (and might always be) a point of contention. 

“Growing up in Washington, I do understand the affinity for that name with the fans," Goodell said. "I also understand the other side of that. I don’t think anybody wants to offend anybody. This has been discussed several times over a long period of time. I think [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder and the organization have made it very clear that they’re proud of that heritage and that name and I believe fans are, too.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this year's Punt, Pass and Kick competition.

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