Robert Griffin III Still Can't Slide

Much of the focus of the Redskins' preseason game against tbe Browns was on Cleveland's quarterback competition (and Johnny Manziel's middle finger), but Robert Griffin III was by no means invisible.

He finished 6-for-8 for 112 yards and an interception, but he also scrambled four times for 24 yards, leaving himself vulnerable to big hits from the Browns' defense.

He slid awkwardly on multiple runs and absorbed unnecessary contact from three Browns as he ran toward the sideline on one particular play in the first quarter. Griffin even came up limping following one cringe-worthy slide. He suffered a thigh contusion during the game, but it is not considered serious. 

“It’s something we have to continue to talk to him about: how important he is to this franchise,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters. “When he gets out of the pocket, he needs to protect himself. He’s had a career where he’s been able to get out of those predicaments with his speed and athleticism. But here, being that it’s a 16-game season with all the great talent that’s across the league, he’s got to pick his shots and learn how to get down a little bit better.”

In a recent article on, a "high-ranking personnel evaluator" told Mike Sando that Griffin's running style is unsustainable and leaves him susceptible to hard-charging defenses.

"He is not going to make you miss," the anonymous evaluator said. "Some of these other quarterbacks can shake a guy or make a move."

Following his gruesome knee injury two seasons ago, Redskins fans watch Griffin scramble through their fingers. To his credit, Griffin is aware that he must improve in regards to avoiding such contact.

“It’ll continually be a work in progress,” Griffin told reporters when asked about his decision-making when he takes off with the ball. “I’m going to keep focusing on getting down in those situations — knowing when to fight for those yards and when not to.” 

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