Robert Griffin III After Getting Kicked In The ‘Gonads': ‘There Will Be A Griffin The Fourth'

The Redsins are terrible and it is the day before Thanksgiving, so let us talk about something a little more lighthearded. Like Robert Griffin III's manhood, for example.

While the 49ers figuratively kicked the Redskins in the nether regions, Griffin was literally kicked in the nether regions at one point during the game

Griffin's father unexpectedly visited the locker room following the game to apparently check on his son, who he believed was injured. 

“My dad? When he came in there he asked me if I was okay," Griffin told reporters after telling them and anybody who would listen to "back up" off his dad. "I said, 'Yeah I’m all right,' and then me and him just talked. That was it."

"Just taking a couple shots,” Griffin said when asked what his father saw that prompted the visit. “Obviously I got kicked, you know, in the gonads. They wanted to see if I was okay there.”

So all is good with the family jewels?

“There will be a Griffin the Fourth,” Griffin confirmed. “There will be. There will be.”

What a relief.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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