RGIII Discusses D.C. as a Sports Town, Returning Redskins to Prominence, “Tom Brees”

Even on an off day, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III still faced a constant blitz. A media blitz, that is.

RGIII appeared on two separate editions of ESPN's "Sportscenter" Tuesday, first at 11 a.m. with Kevin Negandhi and then at noon with former D.C. anchor Chris McKendry. 

Sarah Kogod, who used to inhabit this very space (and did and still continues to do a fantastic job now that she is at the Post), said it best Tuesday on Twitter: "'We've got RGIII for a live interview. Let's ask him the most boring questions we can think of.' - ESPN, apparently."

Here are some of those questions:

On D.C. as a sports town (because that is apparently the question to ask right now):

“Everyone’s excited about the other teams if they go out and do well, but if the Redskins aren’t doing well or competing or being exciting, then the town seems to be a little bit down. So we’ve definitely lifted up the town, even though we are 3-4, and we’re looking forward to going out and getting more wins for them. It’s kind of similar to being in Texas; football’s always king, and football’s definitely king in this city.”

On returning the Redskins to prominence

"Our job is to bring this team back to where it was, and to even exceed those heights that they reached. So for me, it’s great to know about that history, to know where this team was, where it’s been and where we’re trying to go.”

On the other NFL quarterbacks to which he compares his game:

“You know, I try not to limit myself to comparing myself to one person. You try to blend your game from everybody else’s game. So you can be elusive like a Vick or a Randall Cunningham; you can manage the game and manage the pocket like Peyton Manning or Tom Brees; or just be exceptional at what you do like Aaron Rodgers. So I just try to take all that, put it in my game and then add my own twist to it.”

I guess somebody was wearing their "Stay Humble" socks.

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