Report: Robert Griffin III Has “Alienated Himself” From Redskins Locker Room

Robert Griffin III will start for the Redskins on Sunday against the Vikings after missing six weeks with a dislocated left ankle. According to a report from ESPN, multiple sources in the organization believe that Griffin starting over Colt McCoy, who led the Redskins to two straight wins, "is an owner- and general-manager-driven decision."

Redskins executive Tony Wyllie denied those allegations, telling Adam Schefter that it was "coach [Jay Gruden's] decision, and the owner has nothing to do with it -- scratch that."

More from the report in question:

Griffin III's support with players, however, is not as strong as it is with the highest levels of the organization, according to sources. 

When Griffin began addressing the media in the locker room on Friday for the first time since dislocating his left ankle in Week 2, about 15 teammates began shouting. It was so loud and distracting, the franchise quarterback -- and reporters -- had to leave the locker room so Griffin could speak someplace where he could be heard. That's when the cheering got even more boisterous.

A source who familiar with the incident told ESPN's Britt McHenry that Griffin has "alienated himself" from the locker room.

This sort of anonymous sniping regarding Griffin was prevalent during the end of Mike Shanahan's coaching tenure. Among the complaints was Griffin's relationship with owner Daniel Snyder and how Snyder "openly esteemed him above all other players." Reportedly, that has resurfaced to some degree.

Members of the local media have vehemently refuted ESPN's assertion:

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