Redskins “Worst Moments” Narrowed Down

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It’s really easy to pick on the Redskins. Like, really, really easy.

But when we see guys outside of the family do it, it makes us a little angry.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has been going through the league, listing the worst moments of each team. He chose five for the Redskins, and there were some obvious ones in there (ahem, Haynesworth).

But then he gets personal.

His fifth worst Redskins moment is Sean Taylor’s death. We’re not sure we like that being lumped in with Dan Snyder’s bad decisions and Haynesworth’s bust.

Yes, it was a “worst moment” for the team. But it was tragic and awful and not at all a result of bad team decisions like the rest of them. Maybe we’re a little sensitive about it. But as fans, that’s our right.

The rest of the list (and the 30 honorable mentions) is pretty painful to watch.

Although, there are 35 moments and no mention of Steve Spurrier. Sounds like an incomplete list right there.

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