Redskins' Tight End Tights Wednesday

Redskins tight ends Chris Cooley, Fred Davis and Logan Paulson are showing togetherness in a very fashionable way.

Calling it "Tight End Tights Wednesdays," which is also known as "No Eff-ups Wednesday," the three have decided to wear tights during practice.

Cooley thinks the idea has, ahem, legs.

“We wanna portray a united front in the tight end room,” Cooley explained to CSN Washington. “The intent is really to spread it among the whole offense.”

Aside from Davis complaining about a little "mud butt", they seemed to like the stretchy gear.

We’re not so sure we want to see lineman in tights, but if it leads to "No Eff-ups Gameday," then we’re on board.

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