Skins and Kids Set World Record for Largest Virtual Workout

646 children worked out with Donovan McNabb, and none of it involved air guitar

They may be 1-1 in Actual Football, but your Washington Redskins are now undefeated in purposeful attempts to set world records.

Donovan McNabb, Lorenzo Alexander, Kedric Golston, DeAngelo Hall and Rocky McIntosh welcomed 646 area school children to FedEx Field on Tuesday afternoon, where they spent 30 minutes in an interactive group fitness session featuring videos of virtual Redskins exercising in bedroom slippers.

The event, part of the NFL's Play60 campaign for healthy childhood exercise and food habits, was officially named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Virtual Exercise Lesson in history.

(Apparently, Albert Haynesworth's training camp doesn't count.)

McNabb and his teammates began by leading the kids through pre-recorded warm-up sessions projected onto the giant HD screens and hosted by the virtual likes of Chris Cooley, London Fletcher and Santana Moss.

Then, to the delight of every hopping, jumping, and high-stepping kid present, the football stars spread out among them, participating in drills and offering encouragement. 

For McNabb, who's now playing in an area with one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the nation, the cause is personal.

“Just about 12-13 years ago my father was diagnosed with diabetes and it’s continued to take the lives of our friends and family, people that are close to us,” he told “So each year I have tried to spread awareness of diabetes and hypertension.

"It all starts with working out, eating right and taking care of your body. If we can get these kids to be more involved in it, then they’ll continue to exercise as they get older and they’ll pass it on to friends and family. And also when they get older, they’ll pass it on to their kids."

The day of excercise wasn't just for children, either. Not only did the five Redskins complete their workout, but Hogs Haven reports the team PR man Tony Wyllie got a few sprints in when he spotted DeAngelo Hall talking to a live television crew.

Hall, just one day removed from his "it's my defense" locker room rant, took it just as in stride.

"I didn't say anything bad!" he laughed.

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