Redskins Reed's Concussion Injury Raises Concern

Capital Games welcomes back Dr. Ray Solano, a chiropractor with a specialty in sports medicine who has been contributing posts about how injuries affect our teams.

Rookie tight end Jordan Reed did not practice last week and missed his fourth consecutive game after suffering a concussion in Week 11.

There was a time this season when Reed hauled in multiple catches, becoming a threat in the red zone and on third downs. Under NFL rules, Reed cannot be considered for return to play activities until he is fully asymptomatic, both at rest and after exertion, something Reed's had difficulty accomplishing in recent weeks and likely the reason why he did not accompany the team to Atlanta.

A majority of concussions, approximately 75 percent, resolve themselves within a week. About 10-15 percent of patients develop what’s known as post-concussion syndrome, in which symptoms persist far longer than expected. Those symptoms may include very typical symptoms, like headaches, sleep problems and irritability.

Reed has a history of two concussions while playing in college at Florida. Another concussion this season is capable of risking Reed's longevity as an NFL athlete.

There is no predictable timetable for Reed's progression, but time will be his biggest ally on the road to recovery. There is no official word that the Redskins are going to shut down Reed for the season, but that may change.

There is not only the NFL-mandated protocol sequence to consider, but more importantly, the global health concern for Reed at this point.

Dr. Ray Solano is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic, with a specialty in sports medicine, and a frequent guest on News4 Midday. Follow @DrRaySolano on Twitter.

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