Redskins on Pace to be Worst Defense Ever

You may have just gotten the bad taste of the Redskins' 27-20 loss to the Lions out of your mouth, so allow me to retrieve it for you.

Through three games, Washington has allowed 1,464 total yards, not only the most in the NFL, but the most ever through the first three weeks of the season (courtesy of Elias Sports Bureau):

  1. 2013 Redskins: 1,464
  2. 1978 Colts: 1,452
  3. 2006 Texans: 1,451
  4. 2012 Saints: 1,432
  5. 2005 49ers: 1,431

That 1,464 averages out to be 488 yards per game. Bear with me for a moment because my math skills are suspect at best: Thirteen more performances at that average is 6,344 yards. Add that to the 1,464 to get 7.808 and the Redskins' defense is on pace to be the worst defense in NFL history.

(By the way, the 2012 Saints allowed 7,042 total yards, the most in league history. And this year's Redskins are 32 yards ahead of them after three weeks.)

One would hope that the Redskins will figure things out and avoid earning such a dubious distinction, "hope" being the operative word.

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