Ready to Boo? Greivis Is Back

Terp won't enter the NBA Draft

Good news, Terps fans!  You get another year to boo Greivis!

Vasquez pulled out of the NBA draft yesterday, which was the deadline for underclassmen to back out.  He'll be back to College Park for his senior season, with hopefully fewer boos aimed in his direction.

Greivis took a lot of abuse for the team's dismal mid-season performance last year.  The best players on bad teams usually bare the brunt.  But he seemed to thrive on it, using the emotion as motivation, and pushing himself to excel.

He helped lead Maryland to a huge rally at the end of the season, and into the second round of the NCAA tourney.  That's certainly something to build on, especially as he's likely to be one of the best guards in the ACC.

The decision to stay or go was a tough one for Greivis, according to the Post.  He had a number of good workouts for a bunch of NBA teams.  But, with the number of strong guards in the draft, he'd have likely fallen to the second round. 

Gary Williams is happy.  He told the Post, "I'm excited.  He talked to about 14 or 15 [NBA] teams and really got a good feel for his situation. I think he's made a great move. He returns as possibly the best guard in the ACC and one of the best guards in the country."

Next year might yield better draft results for him.  It'll certainly yield better results for the Terps, than had he left.  (And if it doesn't, fans will stand ready to boo.)

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He likes it when Terps fans boo, since it means they're not swearing.

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