College Baseball Rain Delay Gets Medieval

Rain delay antics in college baseball are common. Plucky and bored, the athletes come up with ways to entertain the fans, and more importantly themselves.

Typical antics range from silly dancing to slip and slides on the tarp, but Radford pitcher Mark Peterson and first-baseman Jake Taylor (who went to local high school Good Council), came up with one we haven’t seen before.

During an hour-long rain delay before a game between Radford University and High Point, the boys got creative with a little medieval fun. They grabbed a couple of Fungo bats and called out High Point’s catcher Kyle Mahoney and right-handed pitcher Corey Swickle.

“Dressed in baseball armor, Peterson raised his bat and shouted, “To Joust!” The two “horses,” Taylor and Swickle, advanced as Peterson and Mahoney extended bats and met behind home plate for a collision of epic proportions, seen worldwide.”

The video went viral and Peterson is already planning his next battle via Twitter:

“My joust was just on espn first take! Any takers for next rain delay?”

Seriously, kids. Do not try this at home. That means you, Drew Storen.

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