Video: Alexander Ovechkin on doping, vodka and lucky scissors

Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin recently sat down with Russia Today for an interview that covers a lot of ground. The full chat, including more U.S. vs. Russian culture talk, can be seen on YouTube; but we'd like to fast forward about four minutes in to where Ovie begins talking about the death of New York Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov and doping in hockey ... as well as lucky scissors, vodka, the fact that he can "eat anything" and his incredible abilities on the dance floor.

You know, the important stuff:

Reasons why we're fond of this video:

• The dubbing on Ovechkin's voice sounds like a guy who does educational videos like "Magnesium and You" and "Waiting Until Marriage."

• Two words: lucky scissors.

• The moment when Ovechkin is clearly baffled as to why fans left two un-cracked eggs in front of his house. You can almost see Ovie in a Tony Soprano bathrobe and slippers, standing at the end of his driveway and staring at these eggs for, like, three hours.

• The fact that Russia Today has given us screen caps like this:

• Finally, it's yet another reminder that arguably the best player in hockey is an interesting, lighthearted and rather decent guy. Check out this story from Sabre Chaser, in which Ovie allegedly sent a fan who asked for an autographed photo a game-used all-star jersey instead. 

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