Puck Headlines: What the hell is wrong with the Anaheim Ducks?

Here are your Morning Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• First off, a hearty congratulations to the Dallas Stars Planet Tan Ice Girls, who kept the rink snow-free and allowed the Unicorn at the Circus to score a hat-trick in his NHL debut. Because our fantasy team could really use a massive infusion of "Brunnstrom!"

• The Anaheim Ducks are now 0-4. Coach Randy Carlyle is doing more juggling than a mime with sextuplets, actually shifting center Brendan Morrison to left win on a line with Ryan Carter at center and Teemu Selanne on right wing. Earl Sleek from Battle of California has some line ideas too, including Kunitz-Getzlaf-Selanne. Deposed captain Chris Pronger sees danger in falling too far behind, but may have indentified the problem: "Our team play is very lackadaisical and inept right now. That's the most concerning thing right now." Thanks, coach. [Edmonton Journal]

• The Forechecker believes the Nashville Predators hung goalie Dan Ellis out to dry last night, and has David Legwand on a milk carton already. [Forechecker]

• We'll certainly be discussing this at length later, but NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly gives an interview that discusses the lockout and the potential re-opening of the CBA. Two issues the players want to tackle: Having a say in future relocation or expansion, and completely revising the NHL's disciplinary system. [Sportsnet]

• President Bush talks smack with Aaron Downey? Four more years! [Snapshots]

• Puck Daddy approves of James Duthie of TSN. His latest blog: "Things You Ponder While Watching John Tortorella Eat Pizza At One A.M." [Ottawa Citizen]

• More Alexei Cherepanov fallout; this time, it's an interesting look at how the Vancouver Canucks monitor players like Ryan Johnson, who has a family history of heart problems. Should NHL teams test more? [Province]

• Icethetics breaks news about third-jersey leaks from the Chicago Blackhawks and Vancouver Canucks. We're sure the Blackhawks one will sell well, but when it's so inferior to their other two jerseys, what's the point again? [Icethetics]

New Jersey Devils defenseman Bryce Salvador is the co-owner of a series of "hockey-themed interactive games [that] test your skills while providing the ultimate hockey experience with its hardest shot, shooting accuracy, precision passing, quick-hands, and deflection zone stations." Sounds great ... now what about the one where someone has to move the Ranger from in front of Marty's crease? [NHL]

• Scotty Hockey has seen a lot of games, but feels last night's loss by the New York Rangers to the Buffalo Sabres "ranks among the worse that I have seen. It was boring, it was passionless and it had no flow." This had nothing to do with his Rangers finally losing. Nope. No way. [Scotty Hockey]

• Will we finally have a Rick DiPietro sighting in Florida? [Newsday]

• The story of a Pittsburgh Penguins fan who became a Washington Capitals fans. He doesn't say if his family knows yet. [On Frozen Blog]

• Finally, Leahy thinks this could be an early goal of the year candidate from Martin Havlat. What say you?

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