Puck Headlines: The Rangers win the Cup! No, the other Cup

Here are your Evening Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

Ryan Callahan's breakaway goal with 20 seconds left gave the New York Rangers the Victoria Cup over Metallurg Magnitogorsk, which led the game 3-0 in the second period. Scotty Hockey was in Switzerland for the game, and claims it feels like the Miracle on Ice, Part Deux. Combine that with the having the greatest Stanley Cup champions of all time in 1994 (just ask a Rangers fan), this is one heck of a legacy, huh? [Scotty Hockey]

• On the heels of our post about NHL coverage in U.S. newspapers, the Columbus Dispatch provides one-stop shopping for MSM beat reporter blogs. [Dispatch]

Martin Brodeur is all for Roberto Luongo's captaincy with the Vancouver Canucks: "I thought it was great. A goalie is still a hockey player even though he's put in that different category." [Fire & Ice]

Tomas Vokoun of the Florida Panthers? Yeah, not exactly impressed with the goalie-as-captain thing. "It doesn't bother me, but it doesn't make any sense to me, honestly." [Sun Sentinel]

• The full transcript of today's media call with Don Cherry and the "experts." Now you can read the dazzling Eddie Olczyk answer to our question about Versus, with about 40 percent less stammering. By us, of course. [Snap Shots]

• Yes, even after the Stanley Cup and surviving the Nashville series, the Detroit Red Wings are still the team that gets upset in the playoffs. Wow, Sports Illustrated. Just ... wow. [SI]

• The Hockey News: "'South-least' Division no longer." What tipped you off, that second Stanley Cup? [THN]

Milan Lucic talks about how the expectations on him have made him look like poo-poo in Boston Bruins camp. [Boston Globe]

• "Vote for Stanley Cup of Chowder for a better blogosphere and a better tomorrow." [Hub Hockey]

Jonathan Cheechoo isn't getting a ton of ice time for the San Jose Sharks, and isn't shooting the puck enough. Cheechoo, disappoint? Blasphemy. [BoC]

• Finally, in honor of the Central Hockey League players' strike, here's a maudlin tribute to great CHL logos. The Topeka Scarecrows ... yowzer:

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