Phoenix leads Western Conference in politically savvy snowmen

How do you win the best marketing campaign award in the National Hockey League these days?  Well, blend a mullet-wearing snowman with a French accent and you've got Pierre, the "Fanatic Hockey Snowman" who's been a part of the Coyotes marketing plan since last season. 

According to the press release when the campaign was announced last October, Pierre "was drafted out of Chicoutimi, Quebec Canada to up the entertainment level of the Coyotes brand. 

At 2-foot-1 and weighing in at four pounds, Pierre truly believes he can play for Coach Wayne Gretzky and the Coyotes, even though he has no legs."

No legs? That shouldn't stop him. Derian Hatcher's had no problem with that for 17 years.

With the US presidential election around the corner, Phoenix has created an entire campaign featuring Pierre pining for a "Pierreocratican" and challenging John McCain and Barack Obama. The team also created "Hockey Headquarters," a YouTube page featuring their commercials with Pierre as well as their mascot, Howler.  Here's one video with Pierre's take on the issues at hand:

Watch your back Dallas Stars.

While these spots will never match the unintentional comedy provided to us by those thespians on the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pierre has helped increase the visibility of the Coyotes in Phoenix and the team is hoping it pays off with more butts in their seats. 

The team's average attendance has dipped for the past two seasons, but with some talented youth and new addition Olli Jokinen, are things looking up for the Coyotes in '08-09.

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