Pass or Fail: The No. 69 ‘McLovin' Washington Capitals jersey

The reason we do these "Pass or Fail" posts is because they are inherently unpredictable. The preordained Chicago Blackhawks walking the red carpet before their first home game seemed like an offense to the hockey gods, but received a "pass" from many commenters. The debate on Jason Blake's spin-o-rama shootout goal, and the rules that allow it, was all over the place.

So we post this No. 69 "McLovin" jersey from the cheap seats at the Verizon Center with an open mind, even though it violates at least two laws of the Jersey Bill of Rights.

Maybe "Superbad" is classic enough, and the character of Fogell/McLovin is iconic enough, to warrant a tribute on a Washington Capitals jersey. Even if putting the name of a fictional character on your sweater is blasphemous on several levels; unless, of course, it's a "FRODO" No. 0 jersey. Or a "DIVINE" No. 2 jersey, come to think of it.

Is the No. 69 too much or is it mandatory if you're referencing a teen sex comedy? Could a "Booger" jersey during the heyday of "Revenge of the Nerds" have been any other digit?

Hell, maybe we're reading too much into it. Maybe his name is really "McLovin," and the guy is happens to be the world's biggest Mel Angelstad fan. So, with that:

Pass or Fail: The Washington Capitals No. 69 McLovin jersey.

(Bonus question: Is the Brett Leonhardt No. 80 Caps jersey the coolest thing you've seen all month or what?)

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