Pass or Fail: Obama '08 Washington Capitals jersey

So Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog posts this "Obama 08" Washington Capitals jersey as some sort of companion piece to the infamous "Palin 12" sweater seen in the halls of the Verizon Center.

At the risk of being called a liberal hack, the only justifications for the potential "passing" of this jersey foul:

1. Since the election is over and Barack Obama is the victor, it's more commemorative keepsake than electoral politics billboard.

2. The number "08" doesn't necessarily evoke the No. 8, in which case you'd have an Alexander Ovechkin jersey with Obama's name on it.

3. It is the nation's capital we're talking about here; does a Washington fan get a special dispensation for wearing a sweater with the President's name and the year he was elected?

On the other hand, this is probably as egregious a sin as any other jersey foul, even without the word "sucks" somewhere on it. So with that:

Pass or Fail: The Washington Capitals "Obama 08" jersey?

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