Jacques Plante's Vezina Trophy can be yours on eBay

How much would you pay for Hockey Hall of Fame goalie Jacques Plante's 1959-60 Vezina Trophy, the first season he wore a mask for the Montreal Canadiens?

Because until Oct. 4, it's going for $6,900 Canadian (or approximately $6,639.08 U.S.) on eBay.

Truth be told, it's actually a replica of a replica: The original 13-inch miniature trophy was donated to the Hall of Fame, and the official sculptor of NHL trophies gave Plante a replacement. Which totally breaks the rule that cult classic "Multiplicity" taught us: You can't make a copy of a copy. So expect this Vezina Trophy to eat pizza and say "Hi Steve!" a lot.

Bottom line: Here's your chance, bitter Western Conference fans who believe your goalies will never earn any hardware due to East Coast bias.

Bid with confidence, use an electric sander on the nameplate, head to the Things Remembered at the local mall for re-engraving and ship it out to Luongo or Nabokov with a note that says "F Brodeur."

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