Goalie controversy? Involving Martin Gerber? C'mon

If Alex Auld challenges Martin Gerber's status as the Ottawa Senators' No. 1 goalie, this will be the fourth goalie controversy Gerber has taken part in as an NHL player.

Please recall the Anaheim Ducks' (then Mighty Ducks) post-Stanley Cup finals season in 2003-04, when Jean-Sebastien Giguere came down to earth and Gerber began pushing the Conn Smythe winner for playing time. With the Carolina Hurricanes, Gerber waiting until the postseason to get into a goalie controversy with eventual Conn Smythe winner Cam Ward in 2005-06.

Last year with the Ottawa Senators, Gerber and incumbent Ray Emery passed around the starting job like a rotting block of cheese.

Now, after two games, Coach Craig Hartsburg is having to douse the flames of yet another GerberGate:

"It's not a controversy, really," he told reporters on Tuesday. "We brought Alex in here to be a real good goaltender and in that game he was. He's here to support and be that guy behind Martin and he'll give us quality games."

And who will be in goal against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday? "Gerber's starting," Hartsburg said with a slight smile. "Our plan to start in Sweden was that both were going to play and obviously Alex played well. Unfortunately for Gerbs, he had a tough night but he's going to rebound for us. Martin will bounce back. He's a veteran guy and we've just got to move forward."

Blah, blah, blah ... look, here's a pretty simple question to ask of your starting goalie: Has he been involved in four or more goaltending controversies during his NHL career? If the answer is yes, then perhaps he isn't, you know, a starting goalie.

Please note that Cristobal Huet is one goaltending controversy away from joining that club.

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