Christmas Gift: Dramatic reading of Blackhawks' uplifting e-mail

Since the anonymous e-mail first hit the Internet, the story of the Chicago Blackhawks' surprise bus trip to the wake of General Manager Dale Tallon's father, and subsequent visit to a small-town McDonald's, has charmed and captivated the sports world.

It's been covered on the blogs. It's been covered in the Chicago newspapers. It's been covered by that lover of all things hockey, ESPN. When MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named the Blackhawks the "best persons in the world" for the night of Dec. 11, it was clear we had ourselves a crossover sensation.

We have affectionately dubbed this story "The Funeral Burgers," because all modern holiday classics must have some touching title in a post-"The Christmas Shoes" world. And it has certainly become an NHL Christmas fable, what with the rickety buses and bare Canadian wilderness and such.

Infused with the holiday spirit, we here at Puck Daddy have decided to give "The Funeral Burgers" its proper respect. So we asked our pal Wes Johnson -- actor, comedian and arena voice of the Washington Capitals -- to lend his impressive pipes to a dramatic reading of "The Funeral Burgers," which we bring to life here through sound and image. The original text can be found on the XM Home Ice blog.

Gather the kids 'round the glow of the monitor, and experience the unparalleled emotion of this holiday hockey yarn like never before:

Puck Daddy presents the Chicago Blackhawks in "The Funeral Burgers" @ Yahoo! Video

Thanks for reading. That's all until Friday. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Boll fight.

NHL photos in the video courtesy Getty Images.

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