PT Bowden Back on the Air

Leather-panted one reminds many of why they're happy he's gone

Disgraced former Nats GM Jim Bowden has landed on his feet, of sorts.   He's a part-time radio yuckster now, according to the Times.  Cue the zany horn: a-WOOOOO-gah!

Surprisingly, Jim was not discussing the odor and quality of his flatulence, but he did rip into something just as stinky: the terrible Nationals club that he assembled.

Laugh it up, fuzzball:

"Let me take you back to November," he said. "I was actually here in Beverly Hills serving jury duty. I wanted to do it. I feel like I owe that. You got to do what you've got to do. So the judge interviews each person, and I ended up being the foreman. In the interview process, the judge looks at me and goes, 'You know, I don't know much about baseball, but I understand that you're the senior vice president and general manager of the Washington Generals.'

"I said, 'I am the senior vice president of the Washington team, but it is the Washington Nationals, not the Generals.' Then I hesitated and said, 'But you know what? We probably win as many games as the Generals.' The whole place cracked up laughing."

Cue the horn again!  a-WOOOOO-gah!  Here comes the belly laugh.

Of course this being Bowden, nothing is ever his fault.  Why wasn't he able to succeed here?  Cause the Lerners didn't give him enough money.  While true to an extent, the money he did get got spent on Dmitri Young and Paul LoDuca -- there's $10 million he could've saved.  (What, no zany horn here?)

Other PT Bowden tidbits: 

The Nats are absolutely committed to drafting and signing Stephen Strasburg.

The team offered more money and years to Mark Teixeira, but he just didn't want to come here -- perhaps because of the wacky, leather-panted GM?

He wasn't able to sign Aaron Crow (last year's first round pick) because the team didn't give him the extra money he needed.

It's a mixed bag with Bowden.  You take the good.  You take the bad.  But for him, it's been far too much of the bad.  And the current 4-14 record is as much a stain on him as it is anyone else associated with the team.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He imagines that Jim Bowden's house has far too many mirrors.

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