Pre-Game Party at the Blue Oyster, Anyone?

Nats fan tricks Sox fan into gay bar

WASHINGTON -- Washington Nationals fans may not be able to outdraw Red Sox fans at their own stadium, but they can make little nicks in Red Sox Nation.

In the best use of a Nats message board we've ever seen, a Red Sox fan looking for good sports bars around Nationals Park to check out during a visit to D.C. for the Sox-Nats series this week was directed to a gay bar.

Ever since the Sox broke their curse by winning the World Series in 2004, Red Sox hats have been the trendiest article of clothing since North Face jackets. (C'mon Sox "fans," don't deny your bandwagoneering. The rise in Sox hats spotted on public transportation, in sports bars and on local sidewalks increased astronomically immediately after the team's historic come-from-behind American League Championship Series defeat of the Yankees that year, and the majority of them were shiny and new.) With D.C.'s outpost of the Red Sox army joined by the same legions of Bostonians that torture Orioles fans at Camden Yards every year, this series has become unbearable.

One out-of-towner even had the gall to get on the Nats' message board Sunday and ask for sports bar recommendations.

risoxfan74: Hi Everyone, I'm coming in this week for the Sox series. Are there any decent sportsbars near the ballpark? Thanks again!

PowerBoater69 replied with a country and western nightclub that tends to draw a gay clientele.

PowerBoater69: There's only a beer garden next to the park, you're better off up the street on Capitol Hill, Remingtons (639 Pennsylvania Ave SE) is a NE Patriots bar so they'll probably have a large Red Sox crowd this week.

A fat, luscious worm on the hook. Brilliant.

PowerBoater69 went a step further, trying to steer risoxfan74 away from the Bullpen -- while taking a shot at the way Bostonians talk.

PowerBoater69: As a bonus this week the Bullpen will be filled with ugly women who can't dance and have grating accents.

Another person almost blew the prank with a post for PowerBoater69.

richmindc: you are evil LOL

Another Sox fan took the bait.

professorx: I am also coming to the 3 game series for the Sox. I think its great that other cities have bars for Sox/Pats fans.

And another Sox hater cast a second line, recommending a lesbian bar.

Angelossux: There is a bar on 8th street, on Barracks Row,not far from the stadium,which I think all Boston fans will feel very comfortable in. It's called Phase 1 and is very nice.

Professorx extended an invite to all Red Sox and Nationals fans to meet for drinks before Tuesday's game and dutifully reported back this afternoon, also trying to take a shot at a couple of Nats stars, but his face was too thick with egg.

professorx: You Nationals fans are pretty funny. I went to Remington's yesterday only to find out that it is a bar only for guys if you catch my drift. I pounded my drink and got out as fast as I could. On the way out I was fortunate enough to get Adam Dunn's and Ryan Zimmermans autograph a they were there getting something to eat for the game. lol (last part is obviously false) Good luck in the next two games. oh and by the way Phases bar is no better

Well played, PowerBoater69. We doff our Red Sox caps in your direction.

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