Phew! Nats Cut Cabrera

Nats fans can open their eyes again

Breathe easy, Nats fans.  Daniel Cabrera is gone.  And with weeks or months -- perhaps years -- of heavy therapy, he'll be forgotten, too.

The Nats designated the D-Cab for assignment after last night, taking him off the rosters, and exposing him to waivers.  If any other team claims him -- HAHAHAHAHA! -- he's theirs.

In all likelihood though, he clears waivers then could be assigned to the minors.  In this case, he's already said he'd refuse the assignment and would become a free agent.

Then, he'd be free to sit on his couch, eating Cheetos, collecting the balance of his $2.6 million deal while waiting for the GM of the Long Island Ducks to call.

Cabrera was a complete mess of a pitcher.  Tall and gangly, he seemingly had no control over his body as he sort of flailed and flung pitches from the general vicinity of the mound.

Whenever he got in jams -- which was often -- you could practically see him go into vapor lock.  All of a sudden his little brain was thinking about where his elbow was in relation to his ear, and where his right big toe was.  All those signals froze him, and he'd snap off another 45-foot breaking ball.

He was undone by the defense, too.  The team committed a ton of errors behind him, forcing him to get four-out innings, which was tough enough for a guy who needed everything to go right just to get three.

GM Mike Rizzo summed up the Cabrera experience with his comments last night: "I was tired of watching him."

While that's probably not something a GM should say, it's hard to argue with the sentiment.  It's something all Nats fans feel.

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