Pey-ing the Price Through Billboards

On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Peyton Manning -- the face of the franchise for 14 years -- will part ways. Manning will become a free agent and, despite having three neck surgeries within the last two years, will likely be a hot commodity when free agency officially opens March 13 (Manning can sign with another team before that date, however, as he is eligible to be signed as soon as the Colts formally release him).

With about a week before Manning can consider offers, fans are trying to coax Manning to their favorite franchises. For example, R&S Mattress of Phoenix, Ariz., recently put up a billboard along Interstate 10 with the simple message of "PEYTON MANNING Please Sleep Here!" in an attempt to get Manning to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

While Arizona receives an "A" for effort, R&S Mattress could have come up with something a little catchier (a mattress company making a sleeping reference? SO original...). The Washington Redskins also happen to be reportedly involved in the Manning sweepstakes, so perhaps their fans should take out some billboard space. But what to put on them? Hmmm...

"PEYTON, We're Already A Pain In The Neck So You'll Fit In Just Fine."

"PEYTON, Beat Eli Twice A Year (Maybe)."

"PEYTON, You'll Automatically Be Our Best Quarterback In Ten Years."

"PEYTON, Please. Just Please. We Ain't Too Proud To Beg."

What do you think would be a good Redskins-themed billboard for Manning? Share your ideas below because I am horrible at marketing.

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