Party With Gary Clark — Or Not

Skins great may or may not host a rockin' party

If former Redskins wide receiver Gary Clark sends you a party invitation, you probably don't want to put it in your dayplanner in permanent ink.

Clark keeps pushing the idea of having a giant pro-Skins party in D.C. His latest effort is for a "Gridiron Super Bowl Tribute" sometime in December.  But don't go print your tickets up or rent your tux yet, because if this is anything like his last efforts at a party, you'll be waiting a while.

Clark's original attempt was for a party at RFK Stadium on August 29.  Clark's invite, as the City Paper reported, told of grand speeches from Joe Gibbs, Danny Snyder and several long-dead Redskins greats.  Yes, Clark had apparently invited the zombie-Skins.

Needless to say, Clark couldn't quite pull off that party, mostly owing to the fact that neither the Skins nor the DC SEC (which runs RFK Stadium) signed off on it.

After that fell through, Clark said that he'd reschedule it for December 29th, according to the City Paper.  Well, that's booked up, too.  (Blame the EagleBank Bowl for that.)

And that brings Clark to his latest attempt, the aforementioned Gridiron Tribute, which'll happen somewhere at some point vaguely in December.

So why a mystery party? "In a time when some doubt the DOMINANCE of the BURGUNDY and GOLD, we must remember where the fear and the Dominance of the Burgundy & Gold came ... It has been 17 years since our mighty Burgundy and Gold Donned the Phrase... 'SUPERBOWLCHAMPION.'"  (Add your own sic, please)

Tickets to the event that may or may not happen at a location to be determined at a time to be decided later with famous Redskins (dead and alive) who might or might not appear, speak or emcee may or may not be on sale at the party's website.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?

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