Owen Wilson Is Nats' Latest Reliever

Star attempting to make a comedy out of Nats' pen of horrors

Owen Wilson's last movie was about a dog.  His next movie looks like it's about a dogmeat team.  Wilson's set to play a Nats relief pitcher.

Amazingly, it's not a horror movie.

The summary, according to First Showing:

"Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd are in talks to star opposite Reese Witherspoon in what is being called a romantic comedy with a love triangle. Rudd would play a white-collar executive vying for Witherspoon's affections, while Wilson would play a professional baseball pitcher who is also a love interest."

You know it's fictional because nobody in their right minds would be interested in actively romancing a Nats reliever.  As Julian Tavarez can attest, it's a 4 a.m., last-ditch hook-up kind of team.

It's being directed by James Brooks, who you'll recognize as the director of "As Good As It Gets" if you've ever turned on TNT for more than 45 seconds.

Supposedly they'll be filming some scenes in DC and at Nats Park.

Perhaps they wanted a large block of empty seats to accommodate filming.  You might recall that Wilson's last dog movie had a scene filmed at a Nats/Marlins game, which might've disturbed the 500 or so fans in the stands.

Regardless, Uncle Teddy Lerner is likely licking his lips thinking of all the rental feels he'll be able to generate from this production.  Even if the screenwriters stick to non-fiction and portray the team as a sad-sack band of ne'erdowells, Teddy won't care; he'll just cash the check.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He's busily updating his Netflix queue.

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