Ovi's Revealing Fashion Choice

Ovi took a break from his all Nike, all the time wardrobe to don a vest that caught the eye of some media members after practice the other day.

When asked about his "I Heart SR" vest, which he wore over a Nike T-shirt, Ovi responded that it was “from Moscow.” A simple answer, but he looked a little sheepish about it, and perhaps with good reason.

The vest appears to be from the world famous Soho Rooms in Moscow, a nightclub that Ovi frequents when in his home country. While he was tight lipped the other day, he gave an interview with GQ last year that revealed some details about his trips to the club.

"There's some quality action at Soho Rooms, real high quality," he says when we start talking clubs. "You should go pick up some telochki." The word literally means "calves" and semantically falls somewhere between "chicks" and "bitches." "Especially if you've got your own table. Just go up to the girls, say, 'I've got a table,' and they'll hop right along."

I do that smug thing married guys do, where you stick out your hand and use the thumb to wiggle the wedding ring on the ring finger.

"Aw, come on, who's gonna see?" pushes Ovechkin.

Sounds like if we lived in Russia, we’d heart SR too.

According to JetSetReport.com, Soho Rooms has some pretty strict entrance requirements.

Soho House style lounge and restaurant offers Moscow’s hippest social scene that requires you be pretty or rich but not a paying member.

Ovi, he of the mega NHL contract, definitely has "rich" on his nightlife resume.

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