Ovi's Rapping Talents

Dmitry Chesnokov  tweeted this video of Alex Ovechkin appearing in some sort of music video.

The whole thing is in Russian, with children and gymnasts and groups of people with missing front teeth. We have no idea what's going on, but some Google translating gives us this quote from the director:

"The song was written about the Champions of Champions. Extension of the plot - is the unifying role of sport. In a video involving the champions in different sports: wrestling, boxing, basketball, football and hockey. They are people of different nationalities, and they interact. We have the same large country, many nationalities, sports - one of the few things uniting."

The idea for the video came out of a Karaoke contest between Ovi and the musician and is apparently being created with the Sochi Winter Olympics in mind.

We'll let you know if those Karaoke videos surface.

UPDATE: We have some loose lyric translations for you. In one phrase, Ovi hits the musician Sasha with this line, which apparenly rhymes in Russian:

"You're a little bit dumb, I will hit you in the tooth,"

...to which Sasha replies...

"It's better if you'd sooner shut up, go on and play hockey."

Boom, roasted.

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