Ovi Not Happy About Being Called Fat

When a video surfaced recently of a seemingly overweight Alex Ovechkin, people went nuts. The public hysteria ranged from people tagging him “a little chubby” to “a fat slob.” 

Well, Ovi took notice of the reaction and is none too pleased about it.

In an interview with Sovetsky Sport (and translated on Puck Daddy), the subject of Ovi’s physique came up.

Q. You were filmed for the Capitals official website. Everyone was shocked that Ovechkin gained extra weight during the offseason. You have quite a gut there!

OVECHKIN: "I don't have a gut, do I?!" [Ovechkin said pointing to his body.] "Everyone started calling me yelling on the phone:

'What did you do to yourself? Watch the video!' I went online and gasped: 'I am in trouble!'

"I don't even understand myself how this was filmed this way. My hands were swollen [in the video] as if I was after a weeklong hangover. My gut, my face…"

A distorted picture?

"Yes, that's how it was filmed. And when you're sitting, slouching, your gut would still stick out.

"But it is all over the Internet now."

That darn internet.

You can be sure that Ovi will conduct all of his future interviews with perfect posture.

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