Ovi Is Probably Smarter Than You

alex ovechkin
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This four question interview between Alex Ovechkin and Sports.ru is a reminder that Ovi is just as quick in conversation as he is on skates.

Like an easily won chess match, this one was quick and painless. 

«You had a goal-scoring opportunity in the first period, when the puck hit the goal frame – was that Thomas’s save?»

«I think he touched the puck, yes.»

King’s pawn to e4.

«Usually you score every time in a situation like that? Was that just bad luck, or something psychological?»

«I wasn’t comfortable with the shot, the puck bounced off my foot.»

Queen to h5.

«But still, was it something in your head? Are you overthinking things before the shot?»

«No, I don’t think that was the case. Maybe you are overthinking things.»

Bishop to c4. Check.

«Expectations weigh heavily on you…»

«If everyone cares about their own goals and points, we won’t achieve our targets. You guys want me to score a hundred goals every season…»

«Yes, we do»

«Well, that is your problem. My purpose is to help the team get points, without messing about.»

Queen to f7. Checkmate.

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