Ovi Concerned About Boudreau's Waistline?

Oh, Ovi.

The Caps 5-4 overtime win on Tuesday after being down 3-0 was pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, today’s headlines are focused on Ovechkin and his apparent potty mouth.

After sub-par play from the Caps’ captain, Bruce Boudreau decided to bench Ovi for the final minute of regulation. The result was a game-tying goal by Nicklas Backstrom and a clearly upset Ovechkin.

As you can see in the video of the benching, Ovi mutters what appears to be an insult directed at Boudreau. We know what it looks like he’s saying, but you can draw your own conclusion.

The situation leaves us a bit conflicted. After all, you never want to see your star player happy about sitting on the bench. Ovi’s anger was appropriate.

Besides, isn’t this the sport that encourages acts of aggression?  Players spend the entire fast-paced game fired up, checking each other and are usually one hit away from a fist fight. You can’t turn that adrenaline off at a moment’s notice because someone might see you utter an ill-advised yet seemingly innocent insult. 

Unfortunately, Ovi is the team’s captain and publicly disrespecting your coach is the stuff villains are made of.  And it’s certainly not the maturity that Boudreau wants to see out of his locker room leader.

Of course, this could all be a misunderstanding and what we think Ovi said was actually a Russian phrase for “Ok, Coach. You’re the boss.”

Only Ovi knows.

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