Ovi Chooses Miami Over Ottawa

Alex Ovechkin has been taking some heat for his choice to skip the All-Star Game in light of his suspension. Little did we know, Ovi enjoys the heat.

When Ovi was asked earlier this month if he’d be disappointed if he didn’t get an All-Star invite, his response was “No, because I’m going to go straight up to vacation somewhere.”

It turns out that “somewhere” is Miami.

The Caps captain was spotted by fans soaking up some rays on the beach in Miami on Thursday. At one point, one of the fans tweeted a video of Ovi playing football, but that video has since been taken down.

With girlfriend Maria Kirilenko out of the Australian Open and her 25th birthday to celebrate, could a Miami rendevous be in the works?

We chatted with Ovi last month about his relationship with Kirilenko, who he met at the US Open last year.

"She is good athlete," he told us. "Maybe better than me."

We can't imagine her in full hockey gear, but Ovi admitted that he has had her on skates before.

"She's pretty good, actually," he said, after also admitting that he lost to her in a friendly tennis match.

We'd love to see video of that.

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