Ovechkin, Semin Roam Montreal Streets for Tickets

Caps stars reportedly denied by ticket scalper

Need a sure sign that tickets to tonight's Game 4 of the Caps-Habs series in Montreal are hard to get?

Just ask Alex Ovechkin, who apparently had a tough time tracking down some seats Tuesday on the streets of Montreal.

A Canadian television network aired footage of what appears to be Ovechkin and Alexander Semin trying to hustle some tickets from a guy who may have been a scalper, but who definitely needed a bigger hockey sweater.

There doesn't seem to be much doubt that it's Ovie in the video, and it's a good chance that it actually is Semin. The No. 28 toque gives him away...

After apparently striking out on the deal, Ovie was approached by a guy who asked him to sign some sort of flag. The guy asked Ovie if he had a pen. Ovie said no, then turned around and left.

Here's a translation of the French report via the Googles, thanks to our pal Puck Daddy.

Is it crazy for an NHL player to deal with a ticket scalper on the streets? Not entirely. "Mike the Ticket Guy" used to roam the area around the old Maple Leaf Gardens, complete with business cards, and once told a story that former NHL netminder Ken Wregget was one of his biggest customers.

Did that seal the deal for your humble reporter? You betcha. If he's good enough for Wreggs, he's good enough for me.

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