Ovechkin Responds to “Moron” Columnist

When John Steigerwald made the accusation that Alex Ovechkin must have been on steroids we all thought, “What a moron.” Apparently Ovi agrees.

After Wednesday’s game, Slava Malamud of NHL.com asked Ovi about the accusation.

Ovi isn't the first person to publicly call out Steigerwald. Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert went on the columnist's radio show and the resulting audio is pretty incredible.

We gave Steigerwald the benefit of the doubt, assuming that he wrote that column just to rile people up a bit. We were wrong. He really is that ignorant.

The whole interview is worth the listen, but we laughed out loud when Steigerwald implied that Ovi's mom was on steroids, simply because she was an athlete in the 1970s.

It's one thing to talk about an athlete. But to talk smack about his mama? That's just wrong.

Listen to the Ryan Lambert vs. John Steigerwald radio battle from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

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