Ovechkin Circle? Mystery Solved!

UPDATE:  Ace Reporter Sarah Schorno Kogod reports back from NW Washington.

The sign is at the Beauvoir School.  Each year the school auctions off the naming rights.  The winner usually names it after their kid, but the 2010 winner decided to name it after Alex Ovechkin, reinforcing the notion that hockey comes before family.

However, the 2011 name has been selected.  Sarah's working on getting the details on the new name, but let's hope it's not a fan of Sidney Crosby. 

Ovechkin Circle will remain the current name until the new school year starts.

Our dear friend over at The Sports Bog has alerted us to an interesting tribute to the great Alex Ovechkin.

This pic of a street sign, clearly on the back end of the National Cathedral, implies that one of our streets has been coined "Ovechkin Circle." Like Steinberg, we did some amateur investigating and no one who we talked to seems to know where it came from.

Since our curiousity has gotten the better of us (and it's a slow Friday), we're going to do some more asking around. We'll keep you posted.

 Pic courtesy of @truth_about_it

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