Ovechkin Caught Gawking on Jumbotron

Smile, you're on in-house camera!

Alex Ovechkin wowed and dazzled the crowds in Montreal all weekend during the All-Star Game festivities.

But who or what awed Ovie?

Here's a hint:  It didn't involve anyone on the ice.

During Sunday's game, arena cameras apparently caught two women in tight pink All-Star shirts dirty dancing and promptly placed them on the Jumbotron during a stoppage in play. 

Naturally, the moves didn't go unnoticed by the players on the ice.  Hey, what can I say ... they've got good peripheral vision.

Just as the players focused on the girls, other cameras focused on the players.  And who was called out?  None other than Ovechkin.

For the rest of the description, we turn to D.C.-based Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski, who continues with the play-by-play:

The camera quickly cut to Ovechkin, who had the "my gawd it's teh hot!!!" expression going, before quickly realizing his oh-face was being viewed by 21,000 fans. Much laughter ensued.

"I didn't think the camera was going to look straight at me," he said after the game, adding that he wasn't embarrassed. Did he feel they were good-looking ladies? "I don't know, I'd have to see them live. They were dancing pretty well."

Aww, that was great.  That was fun.  That's just Ovie being Ovie...

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