One Skin Pleas For Vick

Hall says Vick deserves second chance

Just when Jason Campbell was starting to breathe easy -- having survived numerous off-season challenges  -- DeAngelo Hall probably caused him to spit up some Fruit Loops.  Hall's made a recent push to have his VT buddy Michael Vick back in the league, according to PFT.

Hall was interviewed on Danny Snyder's ESPN 980, and he thinks that the dog murderer deserves a second chance:

“It’s a situation where society is what it is. Obviously people have done a lot of things that are a lot worse than what Mike did but with society being what it is, he definitely had to pay the price. I think he’s done that, he’s definitely remorseful."

The "society  being what it is" treads awfully close to Clinton Portis' "huntin' is legal" defense, but Hall probably deserves the benefit of the doubt there.

He also thinks that bygones should be bygones; Vick has served his time:

"I think he should have just been suspended, play, then he should have had to pay a big fine. You know, that’s what PETA wants anyway is money. So he should have had to pay them money. But for them to do what they did - totally humiliate him like you said, take away his lifeline, strip everything from him, then ask him hey you still have to show us something else, it’s like hey I’ve already done everything you asked me to do, what more do you want."

MeAngelo didn't specifically say that Vick should come to D.C.  In fact, he suggested the Niners as potentially a good fit because they have a coach who's not afraid to put a boot up someone's butt (or to strip naked):

"I think a perfect situation would be a place like San Francisco. You’ve got a guy like Mike Singletary who’s known to motivate players, known to kind of get guys to just see the light."

That doesn't quite sound like Coach Zorn.

Still, if Hall's going to defend Vick this much publicly, what's going on behind the scenes?  The Skins still haven't loudly ruled out the idea of signing Vick.  Might he be Campbell's next competition?  If so, DeAngelo might not be disappointed.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  The silence is deafening.

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