One NBA Coach Not Impressed by John Wall

Thanks to All-Rookie voting, we now know that one NBA coach is not impressed with John Wall.

Wall made this year’s team with 28 out of a possible 29 first-team votes. Which coach didn’t vote for Wall?

We can certainly understand why someone wouldn’t think Wall is worthy of All-Rookie honors. Maybe it was his rookie-leading average of 8.3 assists per game over Blake Griffin’s 3.8.

Or possibly it was his second-of-all-rookies 16.4 points per game.

Wait, we bet it was his rookie-leading 1.75 steals per game, second-of-all-rookies efficiency rating, his tied for second 26 double-doubles, and being one of only three rookies to record a triple-double.

Clearly the decision to not vote for Wall was an easy choice. We’re shocked that only one coach realized it.

So who is this coaching genius? We’d love to know.

Our guess is Vinny del Negro. He's pretty smart.

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