Oh, Ovie!

Caps star wants "the one" to be like his mom

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Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin has landed a primo spot, but this one's not on the ice.

Looking oh so much hotter than Tiger on the cover of Vanity Fair, Captain Ovie has hearts a thumpin' in Russia's Tatler, where he reveals -- aside from his bare chest -- some advice on how to conquer his heart.

I want her to be like my mother.

No wonder "the best NHL hockey player in 2009 and the main hope of Russia in Vancouver" landed in the No. 1 spot of the 25 most enviable, rich and, at the same time, decent bachelors of Russia.  

The main obstacle that may arise for potential Russian bachelorettes is that Ovie spends the better part of the year right here, in Washington, D.C., surrounded by "a dense ring of female fans with tattoos 'Ovi'," according to the AlexOvetjkin blog.

So Tatler suggests the following strategy to land the man:

Wait for the month of June when he arrives to Moscow, and keep watch at the "Sunrise" and "Rai." "Also keep vigil at all the events synonymous to "Miss Russia."

'Cause those Miss Russia contestants are no match for you ladies who are just like Ovie's mom.

As for all you wannabe Ovie lovers in the good ol' U.S. of A., remember: you've got the home court advantage.

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